Jan. 16th, 2009


Jan. 16th, 2009 12:31 pm
Hi friends! Thought I'd write everyone from Istanbul while I have a moment. I've been here nearly a full week now. Barring the fact Air France lost my luggage for four days everything else has been awesome. I still think it's funny that I'm nearly half way around the world and even though everyone speaks a completely different language for the most part people are just people.

The bazaars have been my favorite part for sure. The enormous architecture of the blue mosque, aya sophia, topkapi and dolmabance palaces has been a sight to see. The sultans of turkey definitely lived an extravagant life.

The food has been great but the isn't a super lot of variety. Breakfast at the hotel in the morning consist of various salamis, olives, hard boiled eggs, various cheeses, some pastries, cucumber and tomato slices, tang(yes the astronaut stuff), and apple tea. I've eaten my far share of kebaps, Turkish pizzas, lentil and bean soups, eggplant and seasame bread rings. I'll admit I had pizza from pizza hut and a mcdonald cheeseburger which I swear was made with lamb not beef.

I have taken nearly 3000 photos with both my cameras so far but that will have to wait until I get home before putting them up due to the fact I have no way of putting them up since I use my iPod touch to use the internet. So much more conveinent to carry around then a laptop. Plus the movies, games, music, apps, help keep me sane on plane flights and general recharging back at the hotel from being all around Istanbul. I have taken the ferry back and forth between the Europe and Asia side of istanbul several times. Saw a whirling dervishes ceremony yesterday and also witnessed a protest with riot police. I quickly got out of the area since riot police in turkey show up with batons, armor, tear gas sheilds and the military with machine guns.

Tonight I'm going to check out istanbul nightlife and then a Hamam(Turkish bath) tomorrow before returning on Sunday. Talk to everyone then!

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