Jan. 28th, 2009

Bravo Palm

Jan. 28th, 2009 04:06 pm
The new Palm Pre... amazing!

I've had a Palm pilot way back when just having a handheld black and white screen with a stylus was fantastic. Over the years Palm has slipped on the innovation curve with each passing year to the point now where my Palm 755 is a far cry from the iphones, storms, and G1's of the smartphone era. I'd fair to say my "Smartphone" is barely graduating.

But here comes Palm with the Pre. When I first saw photos and articles about what it is and what it can do I barely looked at them figuring Palm is putting out just another marginal update to their smartphone line. I assumed it was an attempt to take some of the iphone market share. Now I also have a ipod touch which is basically an iphone without the phone part so I have a pretty good idea of the innovation of what the iphone has brought into the world. Several people have mentioned that the Pre is Palm's wannabe iphone, but after watching a press conference about the Pre I realize Palm has stepped back into the arena of innovation.

I won't go into details of all the new features and what not but the most striking feature is how the phone handles ALL your contact mediums. I have like 10 email accounts, work and personal calendars, hundreds of friends and contacts across gmail, facebook, myspace, livejournal, linkedin, etc etc. The Pre actually places all these together into one seemless area. It's serious innovation. No longer will I have to traverse all over the internet, my phone, and various computers to get to the people I want to talk too. I will have them all available from one source.

Good job Palm! Glad your back in the fight!

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