Jan. 8th, 2020

Well this is going to have to evolve over time but here is the quick run down on who I am.

Lets start actually with I'm living in Yokosuka, Japan.

As a career I'm a graphic/web designer and professional photographer that pays for the fun loving, social extrovert I am. I'm pretty eccentric but at the same time can be extremely low key. I enjoy a good laugh, good food and the company of friends. I'm quite adventurous and love to see shows, travel, and explore everything around me. I try to better everything I do and make the world I live in a more beautiful and acceptable place. I always try to be there for my friends whether it's an ear, a smile, or a shoulder. And at the same time I party in life like a rockstar cause life is too short to be left with "I wish I would have..."

I can be found also on:

Facebook | Twitter | Myspace | Flickr | Tumblr

And here is a list of entries of mine from the past I've particularly liked or give you a better sense of me. Cheers!

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