Well, just got settled for two days here in Anacapri, Italy. The view is spectacular and I've attempted to take as many photos as I can with Sharon's camera as I didn't bring mine for some crazy reason. But that's okay since everyone else brought cameras in various sizes and we're probably totally over 10,000 photos at least between everyone. I'll share when I can. =)

Hope everyone is well look forward to catching up when I get back to the US. Just have a 5 day stop in Dublin left. =)



Oct. 3rd, 2007 09:43 am
Just thought I'd write a quick hello from Naples, Italy =)

So I'm at lunch with one of my coworkers and this group of seemingly normal middleaged people start filing into the resturant. They all introduced each other sort of in that I've talked to you on the phone but never met you in person sort of way. I thought it was a bit odd but I didn't think much of it. They all sat at this group table and this other guy shows up with a bag and pulls out a laptop and stacks of paper and a box of pens. Ah okay it's some lunch meeting no biggy. That's when everything got really funny.

Continuing with my lunch I notice out of the corner of my eye this guy is now over by the front of the resturant pulling business cards out of the fishbowl in the front. You know the one you drop your business card in to possibly get a free lunch etc? Yeah he's going through them like a deck of cards and PULLING SOME OUT! I'm thinking wow is this guy really fishing for contacts out of the fishbowl!?

So now I'm all curious what's going on. He starts into his little presentation with these people and he's over enunceating everything he's saying. And the rate of speech is very fast. The I want you to hear what I'm saying but I'll talk fast enough not to give you any time to think about what I've said found prodominately in used car salesmen, fanatics, and people who generally hussle people.

I catch a couple of statments this guy is throwing out like "...make sure to fill out a phone number which is most convienent and easiest to reach you on.", "...please make sure to check the box real quick in the middle of the page which saying you'd like a free consultation with a senior advisor, which is me, *chuckle* one on one at a later time.", "... lets thank Sandra for winning everyone a free lunch! *claps*..."

By this point me and my coworkers are just enjoying the floor show. As SOON as this guy gets everyone to fill out this sheet which probably has them give all the personal information you'd be hesitant to give to even your friends he thanks everyone, pays for a cheap lunch, and is off leaving the people to probably digest making a very bad mistake.

We finish our lunch and head back to the office and I put the name into google. With in 2 minutes on the first page I see this...


The part that gets me laughing the most.."Signup for a financial plan to help someone win a free happy hour!"

And to think my feeling of jumping up at lunch and saying "DON'T DO IT! IT'S A SCAM!" would have been the nice thing to do for these people =)


Jul. 27th, 2007 10:36 am
Seriously what defines genius? I mean yeah there's the whole mental age over actual age formulas. There's IQs, theres Mensa, etc etc. When someone busts out with crazy ideas/inventions one after another or figures out complex calculations that's just run of the mill smart.

Now you take some prison warden and put this together... that's what I call GENIUS^2! Seriously this man should run for ruler of the world. The US is lagging behind in inmate reform.


I broke down and got a Xbox 360. The graphics on video games these days are shockingly real. It's amazing how well you can tell a story and how real it sort of becomes versus just watching a movie or reading a book. There is definitely a sense of self while playing these games. I watched this developers trailer of a game called Fable2 coming out in the future and they talk about how they actually want to put the feelings of love into the game. How they created a dog in the game to respond and act to you much like a dog in real life would. As you play with it and feed it, the dog reacts to you more favorably.

It's very cool to see that various things in the game happen regardless of what you do and yet there is other things in the entire game that changes when you do things. I'm just glad my favorite comic of all time was made into a game and it's been pretty good so far =)

So they say every 7 years your tastes change. I've noticed before that things I HATED when I was younger (Dr. Pepper, Celery, Sushi) all have made there way around and now are things I enjoy quite a bit. I was thinking this as I was eating raw celery without any dressing or anything here at my desk at work. I'm trying to figure out what the new change in what I might like or dislike will bring cause the 7 year change over should happen this year or next.

I've also noted alot of things not just food preferences have changed. Corduroy seems like a wearable fabric after all(I threw major tanrums at the age of 5 when force to wear it), asian/latin/exotic women seem alot prettier now as I never really though they were THAT attractive versus the more European ethnicity, music that is a bit more mellow versus beats that are all in your face, and cars that are more luxury/comfortable then just fast and tricked out.

So what sort of things did you dislike and now feel entirely differently about?
I figure its about time I start using this again. How's every doing? I'm going to have to see where I left off last time I posted.

I got a new hairstyle.

Something about being in a stadium or arena makes me want to eat everything in sight like a fatty mcfatpants. It's like they put something in the air that makes you want to eat more. Or maybe something in the food which SEEMS like it's actual bulk matter but actually just turns into water vapor upon consumption.

I was at Billy Joel last night at Phillips Arena and even the times I've been at hockey games etc I've eaten far more then normal. When I go to Turner field.. same thing. Now when I mean far more then normal I'm talking like a burger, nachos, pretzel, chicken sandwich, fries, candy, beer, soda. Glutton much, hmm?

(side note: Billy Joel had more intelligent lighting for his stage setup then any super club I've ever been in.)

(side note 2: Saw Spamalot at the fox on Tuesday and it was FANTASTIC! Must see if you haven't and know monty python. And maybe even if you don't it's still probably pretty good)
I searched on google and wikipedia and never came with any conclusive answer. Anyone know?

Which leader of the Catholic Church made Mardi Gras an "official" holiday?*

EDIT: So I'm under the general impression through my continued research that official is in quotes because someone decided to tolerate it to make the pagens happy back way when. Question is who was head of the Catholic Church at that time? St Augustine? Constantine? Pope Gregory?
I am TIRED. I ended up shooting last night for Miseducated Entertainment and also try to run my errands afterwards. (drop off my deposit @ the bank, get gas for the car, stop by the drug store, update sutra's website, etc.) by the time I actually got into bed it had to be somewhere close to 4 am. I pushed it and slept till 8 this morning and stumbled into work. Thank goodness for the relaxed dress code here.
How would the earth fair if man disappeared completely from the earth?

I think about the number of resources we've use daily or have used in the past, all the structures and non-natural toxic chemicals we've created, and definitely lots of damage in the plant and animal kingdoms by moving them to places they were not native or killing them off. And how many people are here on this planet could change the face of the earth through nuclear weapons is a scary thought. And we've only been here a very very small amount of time relative the the age of the planet and the age of life here.

So today I came upon an article that figures out just what WOULD happen if we just left or disappeared suddenly.

Imagine the Earth Without People

And it makes me feel better about drinking my Dr Pepper, turning on the light, and having a chicken sandwich for lunch.

Real quick

Jan. 10th, 2007 03:00 pm
Hopefully I'll be back here more once I get a normal 9-5 day job. But I wanted to let you all know thank you for the birthday wishes. =) And Thanks Jacob and Tom for the gifts! =) And of course my wonderful girlfriend for taking me to such a nice place to eat and the incredible gifts! (I've almost finished the food photography book!)

Right now I'm neck deep in sending out resumes, interviewing, etc for a new job. As it stands so far I have AT&T, AutoTrader.com, and Emdeon(WebMD) scouting me so far. Had some potentials for Yahoo!, Fidelity Financial, and Coke-Cola but they're either in a different state or not exactly what I'm looking for. Wish me luck so I can be back to posting regularly again soon.
And it's extra lame. I got sick last week and then tore a muscle... well basically in my ass. Let me tell you that shit is not friendly to life. Walking, putting on shoes, rolling around in the bed, even sitting down became a battle of ingenuity and planning on how to move with out using that muscle. I'm tired of this body not being like I was when I was 21. Lameo!

But here's some photos from the wedding a shot a few weekends ago...Lil'Steven's Wedding )
...and the one from this weekend. Kristina Cross's Wedding )

Of course I'm not showing the photos that I thought were so-so =)
So yesterday was the first time I had ever taken pictures of food professionally. I didn't realize how difficult it was or how many factors came into play in taking pictures of food to make it look appetizing and delicious. I had read about all the crazy things that are done to food to make it look better then it is by cheating. (ie using things like motor oil, food coloring, foam, wood stain, hair spray, etc) I definitely felt if you can't get the photo looking good with how it is then it's not really very true.

I took pictures for a new resturant opening here in Atlanta called Sweet Lowdown. It looks like it's going to be an awesome place. Here's what the owner said in an email to friends and family.

Owners Description )

It was quite a challange but everything went great and the photos turned out even better. Of course with any photoshoot my sync cord connector broke so I had to manually hold it in place as I was taking pictures. Always something has to break or stop working =) But here are the photos!

VERY LARGE PHOTOS so beware dial up users )


Oct. 10th, 2006 07:49 pm
Has anyone ever eaten at Fat Burger?! Talk about american glutony at it's finest! First you can get the regular burgar whuch makes the whopper from Burger King look like Krystals/White Castle burger in size. It comes with everything including the standards lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions. But THEN is cheese, relish, bacon, chilli and a fried egg! WTF Why the hell do you need a fried egg?!

If that wasn't bad enough you can add an extra slab of meat, upgrade your skinny fries not just from fat fries with chilli and cheese but to onion rings with chilli and cheese, AND change your drink out to a shake!?

Call me an ambulance cause I'm going to go all in! :)


Oct. 9th, 2006 01:44 pm
Had to post this cause it just made me laugh. I don't usually like posting memes even though I do them.

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Perhaps I really am an undead vampire =)

I like tools that people have made through time that takes a bit of ingenuity to make/use or are sort of historic. Items like a Galileo thermometer, an abacus, japanese tea cups, wine key/foil knife, cuff links, etc. I feel like it imparts a sort of richness to life. It's not always about something that can do a task faster or better, but perhaps add a little bit of history or depth to that task. Obviously I'm not going to want to do calculus with an abacus though. Especially things that are handcrafted and took a considerable amount of skill to make.

Reminds me of my post a long time ago "Serial Numbers or Souls"

So what sort of things do you all like that falls in this category?
I have an interview with Jezebel's fashion editor for possibly some work for them. It would only be a trade for some ad space and publishing credits but it's worth it to get my foot in that door and some tear sheets for sure.

It would good to see some of my friends at the club last night but being out till 4am really makes me tired for today.

Anyone have any other photography ideas as in things to pursue? Magazines? Newspapers? Press/event? PR? Etc? Just seeing if anyone knows anything =)

Happy Birthday Sharon! I've been trying to think of something witty, insiteful, and humorous to say but all I could think about was how much I love you and that I am incredible happy because of you. So for your birthday I wanted to tell you what I love about you.
I love... )
I love you Sharon and I wish you the warmest, most loved, and beautiful birthday today. Thank you for letting me share it with you. I love you [livejournal.com profile] fire_fox01 see you tonight!
Well this is my first official morning as a full time photographer. Too bad my camera is in New York getting repaired.
Letter to my camera )
But so far the morning has been good. Trying figure out what my daily schedule should be like and my first order of business is rearranging my room to be more conductive to working. Thankfully some of my friends have already provided me with some work already so that should definitely help me get towards that path.
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