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Something about being in a stadium or arena makes me want to eat everything in sight like a fatty mcfatpants. It's like they put something in the air that makes you want to eat more. Or maybe something in the food which SEEMS like it's actual bulk matter but actually just turns into water vapor upon consumption.

I was at Billy Joel last night at Phillips Arena and even the times I've been at hockey games etc I've eaten far more then normal. When I go to Turner field.. same thing. Now when I mean far more then normal I'm talking like a burger, nachos, pretzel, chicken sandwich, fries, candy, beer, soda. Glutton much, hmm?

(side note: Billy Joel had more intelligent lighting for his stage setup then any super club I've ever been in.)

(side note 2: Saw Spamalot at the fox on Tuesday and it was FANTASTIC! Must see if you haven't and know monty python. And maybe even if you don't it's still probably pretty good)


Date: 2007-05-18 11:03 am (UTC)
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